These are the most commonly asked questions about the Texas A&M brand. However, if your question is not answered in the list below, please 联系我们.




该大学的官方标志, 主要标志 is always appropriate. The other appropriate logo for all groups under the umbrella of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences is the VetMed lockup.

What is the official logo for the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM)?

The CVM Box Logo consists of the Block TAM in white (with a light gray bevel on the “T”) on a box of Aggie Maroon and the words “Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences” typeset, to the right or beneath, in Open Sans, the main campus Brand Guide approved sans serif typeface, and in Aggie Maroon. “Texas A&M University” is typeset above the college name smaller, in all caps, Open Sans, and dark gray.


文具,其中包括印制信笺,信封,名片,以及相关的项目,应始终拥有大学的正式身份。而定制的品牌架构允许信息和营销件集中在一个特定的学科,我们的文具系统重点仍然是上了大学作为一个整体,它关系到我们大家在一起。有关详细信息,请参阅 //brandguide.tamu.edu/visual-style/stationery.html 

Can I use the Texas A&M logo on a T-shirt or other item?

If you plan to use any Texas A&M or CVM logo or mark on items for sale, you must obtain permission from the 业务发展办公室。各部门,分公司,并在校园内的程序可以使用在T恤和促销品的大学标志和商标,但必须使用的授权供应商。有关详细信息,请 联系 在通信CVM平面设计师

Can student organizations use Texas A&M logos?

As independent groups, the student organizations at Texas A&M are not held to university brand guidelines. In fact, they are encouraged to create their own unique logo/identity. To show university affiliation, Texas A&M logos may appear in a separate area from the organization logo, like on the sleeve of a T-shirt, for instance. However, if they do choose to use the Texas A&M logos in any way, they must be used appropriately.


阿吉栗色™是PANTONE®组合,自定义,所以你不会找到一个PANTONE®样书的编号。颜色是在2007年制定,以产生用于打印的更一致的标志性颜色。如果供应商说,他们必须有一个PANTONE®数,它们指 品牌颜色。联系 Division of Marketing & 通讯 如果您的供应商需要进行匹配阿吉栗色™的印刷PANTONE®色板。



CMYK 指的是在商业印刷机中使用的4色处理(青色,品红色,黄色和黑色)。对于艾姬栗色™4色处理为c = 15 M = 100 Y = 39 K = 69。 CMYK图像将无法在电子媒体工作。

看到 品牌颜色 为上的颜色进行打印的更多细节。

RGB 指的是计算机屏幕或监视器(红,绿,蓝)的颜色。这些颜色通常列为每个值的比例,因此,例如艾姬栗色™的RGB值是80-0-0,这意味着80%的红色,0%的绿色和0%的蓝色。 RGB格式的文件将不会在商业印刷工作。

十六进制 在网站设计中使用的另一种颜色的术语。 6位数字被称为“十六进制代码”。在艾姬栗色™十六进制代码为500000。

看到 网页调色板 对色彩的数字化使用更多的细节。


A color palette is key in establishing a visual identity. Look at the corporate example of AT&T: their color palette is pretty much limited to blue, orange and white. Limiting? Perhaps. But even from a distance, you can recognize their materials at a glance due to this strict adherence to their color palette. Our color palette was carefully selected to work effectively with our signature color, Aggie Maroon™. Whenever possible, consult a professional graphic designer, who is trained to work effectively within a color palette.




There are four primary typefaces used in the Texas A&M University brand: Tungsten, Moriston, Minion Pro and Open Sans.

The Aggie Brand Fonts package is available through the Texas A&M IT Self Service website at no charge. To order, visit //tamu.service-now.com/tamu-selfservice/ordersoftware.do。添加字体到您的购物车,进行结算,并输入一个部门帐号仅供参考之用(这将不会被收取)。一旦下订单,可能需要长达24小时通过收到您的下载链接 FILEX.

只有PPT演示: 如果字体可用没有品牌,使用阿吉系统字体宋体和格鲁吉亚五月。


回顾 阿吉网页字体 在节 brandguide.tamu.edu 有关如何访问卷筒纸字体及其等价物的信息。



无衬线字体: 奥斯瓦尔德代替钨。打开三世是可用的字体很大。

serif字体: 替代文本,走狗亲深红色和Moriston。

只有PPT演示: 如果阿吉品牌字体不可用,可以使用系统字体宋体(无衬线)和格鲁吉亚(衬线)。

Can I use the official A&M seal?

打印ing of the university seal is restricted to correspondence from the president’s office and official documents, such as diplomas and some certificates. The seal is only used in select official permanent installations on campus as approved by the Division of Marketing & 通讯, and may not be used on printed marketing material, business cards, presentations or websites.