Chew on This: Goats as Pets

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A male goat peers around a wall in front of a field of grassDr. 伊夫林·麦凯, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, discusses the ins and outs of goat ownership that every potential owner should know.

“Goats are fun, social, and playful animals,” Mackay said. “They make great companions and are often very interactive and bonded to their owners.”

This social nature means that potential owners should commit to getting multiple animals, so their goat has a companion.

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Potential owners living in suburban areas should consider adopting smaller breeds of goats, like Pygmy 山羊 or Nigerian Dwarves, which can be kept in large yards.

Ultimately, Mackay recommends consulting with a veterinarian to determine the best type of goat for your family and living situation.


Like any animal, a goat requires annual vaccines and wellness exams with a veterinarian.

As outdoor pets, goats must also be protected from predators; Mackay says owners should ensure their pet 山羊 are kept where they cannot be chased by dogs.

One final aspect potential owners should consider is that, as with any pet, a full-grown goat will be considerably larger than the baby they adopt.

“Everyone thinks baby goats are very cute,” Mackay said, “but people should be prepared for even the smallest breeds of 山羊 to be a minimum of 60 pounds at maturity!”

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