Texas A&M Veterinary School Partners With Volition To Create First-Ever Cancer Screenings For Dogs


The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) and VolitionRx Limited (Volition) are working to change that with a partnership through which veterinary oncologists at the CVM will test Volition’s Nu.QTm值 平台和分析,这是周五公布。 nu.qTm值 是新颖的,常规血液检查为充当在癌症生物标志物的独特的核小体的一个套件。

“The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences is excited to be working with Volition to develop tests for the early detection of cancer and other diseases in animals,” said Dr. Eleanor M. Green, the Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M. “The research and clinical trials conducted by CVM’s veterinary oncologists work on the cutting-edge of medicine and have benefitted both humans and animals. The goal of this project with Volition is to provide all veterinarians with simple, affordable, routine blood tests that can help identify disease early and improve the lives of both animals and the people who love them.”

作为理解,博士备忘录的一部分。希瑟·威尔逊 - 罗伯斯,副教授,博士。弗雷德和足底ñ。在CVM的小动物临床科学系(VSCS),比较肿瘤帕的椅子会导致兽医诊断测试的研究和开发。

“我很高兴能与在这个项目上的意志来工作,”威尔逊说罗伯斯。 “在nu.qTm值 平台必须改变规定,到今天为止,根本就没有在兽医世界上存在很多需要负担得起的和可靠的筛选试验兽医癌症诊断的景观的潜力。”

Also as part of the agreement, Texas A&M University (Texas A&M), a member of The Texas A&M University System, receives an equity stake in Volition Veterinary Diagnostics Development LLC (“Volition Veterinary”), a subsidiary of Volition.

Dean Green and Volition CEO
院长爱莉娜米。绿色和加埃唐米歇尔,比利时意志首席执行官,签署10月的协议。 25。

“We are delighted to execute these agreements today and are excited to collaborate with Texas A&M, a leading U.S. institution, to develop Nu.QTm值 Vet products,” said Cameron Reynolds, Volition chief executive officer. “I and other members of the Volition board and executive team have very much enjoyed the hospitality of Texas A&M and are very impressed with the calibre of personnel and fantastic facilities in the veterinary school.”


早期诊断不仅要延长患者寿命,还能提高他们的生活质量的潜力。意志的nu.qTm值 测试基于nucleosomics的科学Tm值,这是识别和测量在血液或其它体液中,指示疾病的存在的核小体的做法。



The signing ceremony took place at the Texas A&M campus, hosted by Green. Also in attendance were: Wilson-Robles; Chantal De Bleu, Director General and Phillipe La Chappelle, Director of Innovation of AWEX, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency; members of the Volition Executive team including Chairman, Dr. Martin Faulkes and Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Reynolds.

关于意志的更多信息,请访问意志的网站 www.volition.com.



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